your Personal Jesus
Hello, Mar!
Why it happens that we meet in one of your busiest weeks in a year when Brian is on hlidays?
For me it's easier to express my thoughts in written form, I've already told you. And this year I realized thta when I look at you, especially in your eyes, I forget everything. I can't be angry with you long even when you offend me. I forget about good behaviour, about dignity, even about how you hurt me. In fact, I'm wiser that should be at my age. But you take me back to my 17-s when I was silly enough to lose my head quite often. Now I'm a different person. You really don't know me. And unfortunately at the moment you're the only person who makes me smile. I just can't be close to you without smiling. We had no time to talk seriously. I have many questions. My life is rational and logic enough and some irrational things are hard for me to understand. That's a pity but I think that if one day you call and say "Come on, come to Malta to me", I'll give up everything and com to you and for you. It's really irrational and careless but perhaps it looks like beeing something like love. Oh, how I hate this word. I myself, can hardly believe that I can't forget you for 5 years by now. It's improbable. While you go on arguing and returning to your ex, I had several relations this year, but sincerely, more for sex then for something more. I've been made a proposal. Unfortunately, I'm not too cynical yet. A real feeling it's when you can nearly hate and love a person at the same time. I had much time to think about you and everything. We won't be able to live together cause we have different and somewhere even opposite aims. I would like to stay in Malta, but without you I can't do that cause it'll be too painful to know you're very-very close. I know I'm going to come back to Malta but only God knows when. I really feel like at home here. It's like in the song "I left my heart in San Francisco". Replace San Francisco by Malta and you'll have my situation. Music means much in my life and every person is connected to special songs. Your songs are "My way", of course, "la vie en rose", "Yesterday", "I will survive". Hope to sing "My Way" together with you one day.
This letter is too sentimental for me, not usual at all. You make me special and unusual. You know thereare such cards "to someone special", so this letter is for someone special. There is such expression: "Men aren't worth your tears. And those who worth won't make you cry". I really hope you worth. Cause you're the only man made me cry during the last 5 years.
Your name reminds me the sea - in russian they sound a bit alike. If you want too keep in contact and be at least friends, give me a call sometimes, at least once-twice a month, for example. Tell me how you live, what's going on. I'll try not to call or write you cause I don't want to disturb you or give you any troubles with your girlfriend.
You know I still wish you the best.
Alone or with anyone.
Please, pass my hello to Brian and his daughter.
May be see you one day.
Try to be happy.
Sincerely ypurs, Catarina.

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Хрустящий вода
v значит вендетта?

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your Personal Jesus
v значит "введите текст" )


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